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Hello everyone and welcome back to Mindset Monday with Andree Martin on the Success InSight Podcast

Andrée Martin, Mindset Monday – The Five Keys to Surviving the Holidays.

MINDSET MONDAY – The Five Keys to Surviving the Holidays.

Andrée Martin is Your Leadership Mindset & Golf Performance Coach.

Andrée is an LPGA Class A Life Member, a Nationally Recognized Top 50 Golf Teacher and Expert, a member of the Maine Golf Hall of Fame, and she is a Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP) Master Certified Coach.

Recognizing Golf’s value as a business tool in today’s competitive marketplace, Andrée works with individuals, groups, corporate or organizational clients to create educational and team-building programs that enhance the professional success of aspiring executives.

Andrée returns to the Success InSight Podcast for another episode of Mindset Monday, to chat about, “The Five Keys to Surviving the Holidays”.

Key points include:

Using Mindset for peak performance in golf, business, and Life. Everyone has a story (Howard’s word), and everyone has family dysfunction, but we love them anyway! How did you learn to function and play your best? We realize this is part of what this program is teaching!
Breathe (4-in, 4-out, 4-hold)
What can you affect? Remember, we can’t fix others. Strength courage resolve comes from within
Be the bigger person – the Leader you are, the Warrior you have become, The Listening Coach
You can only change how you react and participate. Other’s response and reactions are their responsibility.
Exercise helps clear and re-center the mindset
Impact bag
Hitting balls, especially drivers
In the cold, 10 orange whip or Speed Stick swings in each direction fast and hard
Just let it all out
How can you be the best version of yourself over the holidays in all circumstances?
Take stock
Break it or chunk-it down as you would in business or parts of the game
What can you do to make a shift & re-direct when needed?
Go back through past episodes to help
WIF them (really listen to what they’re saying)
Focus – Target – Bullseye
Ready – Aim – Fire
Ready- Aim – Fire again as needed
Be the warrior and coach
How can you share a common vision?
Act Lead Succeed

The happiest holidays to each and all no matter how you celebrate with the families you surround yourself with. Thank you for joining Mindset Mondays, Let’s go for the GOLD in 2022!

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