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Hello everyone, and welcome back to Mindset Monday with Andree Martin on the Success InSight Podcast.

In today’s episode of Mindset Monday with Andrée, we chat about The Four Keys to Clear Your Head and Let it Go.

Key points include:

In our last episode,  Andrée talked about anything being possible. Yes, and it can go in one direction or another. So how DO we let it go?

1. Acknowledgment and understanding are first

2. Clear the mind and just let it go! Listen for more details!

a. And knowing what to do, seeing it clearly in your mind, creates focus, confidence, belief, and a knowing to Just Let GO!

3. Trust that you have it and all you need to do is swing through to the target!

4. Letting go of control is to have control. As you listen in, Andrée shares three more keys relating to Business & Sport to sharpen your mindset.

Letting Go puts you in the zone to repeat success over and over, going for the gold and not settling for silver!

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