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In today’s episode, Andrée and I discuss The Three Keys to Finish Strong at the Home Stretch.

Key points include:

Use November to look back at your whole year.

1. There are still two months left to gain the gold:
a. Focus on everything completed so far to execute goals and plan for the entire year fully.
b. To ensure you all are on track, on point, and exceeding expectations to finish the year well, listen to this episode for 8 Key questions to ask!
c. Do it now!

2. Oct thru Nov plan for 2023 (while most planning is done, the implementation is just starting) Ask yourself and then your team two key questions!

3. Four Tax Planning questions to ask

Golf Ex: by the 15th Hole golf homestretch, are you ahead of the game? Behind? At this point in the year and game, you should have and know your plan! Listen in for this story and more keys that will jog your mind to finish strong.

We also include a Bonus

Go for the Gold and don’t settle for Silver, and finish strong!

Next Steps
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