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Hello everyone, and welcome back to Mindset Monday with Andree Martin on the Success InSight Podcast.

In today’s episode, Andrée and I discuss, How you can give Thanks For 2022.

Key points include:

How can you give Thanks in 2022?

1. It is never too late to go for the gold!
2. Cutting it close? Sometimes this is hard when leadership comes from the top, and you need to thank yourself first! Not from a place of ego but a place of empowerment, compassion, and passion as a leader and human being. Listen to the podcast for five ideas to succeed and be thankful!

Know that relationships in business are all about people! Even bad years have grateful moments, learnings, and experiences.

Was it a tough year? I have been with two companies that went through bankruptcy. In this episode, we share some advice to leaders from Andree’s personal experience, questions to ask yourself and your team, and how to empower all staff members and make lemonade at any time with gratitude!

Here are the three areas I cover and starting questions to ask:

1. Who are your point people? The first people others meet when they enter your doors or enter the golf course?
a. Four questions to ask yourself as a leader are shared in this episode. Listen now!
2. Go down each line and check in with your managers/executive team.
3. Focus Forward

Happy Thanksgiving and Go for the Gold and be thankful!

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