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In today’s episode of Mindset Monday with Andrée, we chat about Seven Steps to Double Down in December.

Key points include:

Take a look at this year and see if we can double down in December! 

  1. In November, I did a podcast on finishing strong. We have four weeks left in the year. What is left to do? More questions and answers on the podcast!
    • Check how you stand to your vision and goals
    • Check how you stand with your competition. 
  2. Check your team.
    • Who will finish strong and double down on them with a motivating challenge?
    •  Which team members need support? Listen for ideas to help them!
  3. Many are finishing vacations and using the holidays for family and friends, and enjoying the festivities. Give those staff members and perhaps even yourself a plan to sit, think, reflect, and plan so that when the ball drops in Times Square, the entire team pivots for an even better next year!
  4. The holidays are a great time to reach out to customers, clients, and gatekeepers. Often even the gatekeepers are on vacation, and you can more easily get through to top-level decision-makers. Listen now for answers to key questions to ask yourself and more!
  5. The holidays can make you “twirl” You can twirl, stall, do nothing or go for the gold when others are not! Here is how to pivot yourself and double down with focus:
    • Finish on projects, clients, and commitments in progress before starting something new
    • Feel like there is too much in the process? Listen to the podcast for answers to dial down overwhelm
  6. Make time for you
    • You want to start the year feeling refreshed, excited, and ready to go for the gold, having an even better year than ever! 
    • Listen to this podcast for key questions to ask and ideas to execute!
  7. Re-align to finish strong, 

Double Down in December and Go for the Gold!

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