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In today’s episode of Mindset Monday with Andrée Martin, we chat about 5 Questions to Ask Yourself to Become a 5-Star Human Being.

Key points include:

Why this topic?

Darren Daily is a favorite daily pep-talk I listen to, and I am sharing one of his best with you today. I love this topic because it makes you think about how you show up in the world. It’s pretty timely for this year, which is coming to a close.

Here are five questions to ask yourself:

  1. What if everyone you encounter in life gave you a Yelp Review?
  2. What if they rated how well we perform as a human being? How well
    would you do?
  3. How well would YOU show up in Life? Not just your spouse, friends, or kids,
    how do you show up as a human being to others?
  4. How well do YOU show up?
  5. If aggregated and publicly available, How will YOU drive your rating as a
    5-star human being?

What action can you take in December to ensure YOU become a 5-star human

We hope that this episode will make you Go for the Gold and not settle for Silver,

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