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Eric has a background in the corporate world and psychological counseling that has led to extensive experience in career development and job transition coaching. Eric has also written several award-winning books for the career field.

His latest book, Active Interviewing: Branding, Selling, and Presenting Yourself to Win Your Next Job, provides new information every job seeker needs to know to win interviews and land jobs in today’s rapidly changing and hyper-competitive job market.
Rather than focusing on the typical and well-worn interview suggestions, such as:
  • how to answer questions
  • what to wear
  • how to give a good handshake; and
  • how to be positive
Active Interviewing focuses on new and proven higher-level strategies that win interviews. Strategies include actively, using:
  • personal branding to convey a potent “hire me” message
  • developing an interview presentation to powerfully showcase information the interviewer needs to know to make an informed hiring decision, and
  • implementing an effective after-interview follow-through plan
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