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Hello everyone, and welcome to an episode of the Coaching & Consulting Insights Series on the Success InSight Podcast.
Our guest today is Idy Uyoe.

Idy Uyoe is an Olympic Scholar & Sports Marketing Specialist.

You may recall that Idy helped kick-off the second year of Success InSight when he joined us for episode #2 in January 2020. After 12 years of delivering value for corporate clients at IBM, Idy decided to pursue his passion for sports, primarily in the areas of marketing, events and content creation. Idy provides strategic consulting services for global brands, international sports federations, Olympic Committees, municipalities, and collegiate bodies. We invited Idy back on the Coaching & Consulting Insights Series on the Success InSight Podcast to chat about the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020, which were postponed until July-Aug 2021 due to the COVID-19 pandemic. On today’s podcast, Idy shares stories, insights, and impact from the Olympics Games in Tokyo, and what is in store for future Olympic Games. To learn more about Idy and his work you can visit his website at You can also connect with Idy on the following social site: LinkedInYouTube