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Hello everyone, and welcome to the Career Focus series on the Success InSight Podcast.

The Career Focus series supports individuals pursuing careers that tap into their skills and passions and introduces you to the entrepreneurs & companies that are helping to make that dream a reality

Our guest today is Joe Frodsham.

Joe Frodsham is the President of Career Management Partners. CMP is a talent and transition firm in the business of developing people and organizations across the full talent life cycle – from executive search and leadership development to organization development and career transition support.

Joe has co-authored two seminal books on careers––Make It Work and Don’t Dread Monday: Your Guide to Career Success. He is a speaker and recognized expert on careers, employee engagement, leadership development, organization development, and talent systems.

We interviewed Joe back in 2020 when we discussed Don’t Dread Monday: Your Guide to Career Success. We’ll provide a link back to that episode.

Since 2015, CMP has made significant investments in technology, people, and new markets. They have a direct presence in Chicago and Kansas City with OI Partner Offices across the United States, Canada, Latin America, Europe, and Asia. CMP has been recognized as a fast-growth company and is the largest minority-and-woman owned firm supporting the full talent life-cycle.

CMP is passionate about providing the highest touch, and most personalized, talent solutions.

To learn more about Joe and CMP’s work visit their website team at

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