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Our guest today on the Success InSight Podcast is Therese Van Ryne
Therese is the author of Zippy’s Special Gift, a Readers’ Favorite 5-star, creative children’s book.

Zippy’s Special Gift honors and appreciates our own uniqueness, and invites us on a mission to create a more inclusive culture, and spreading kindness while helping to improve children’s literacy.

Therese is the Head of Global Public Relations, Thought Leadership, and Advocacy at Zebra Technologies.
Profits from the sales of Zippy’s Special Gift will be donated to one of Zebra Technologies’ strategic charitable partners, Bernie’s Book Bank, a non-profit organization that changes the story for under-served children and helps them read their way to a better life! Learn more at
Zippy’s Special Gift was published by Mascot Books, Illustrations for the book were created by Walter Policelli
InSight to go: Aim for progressive performance rather than postponed perfection.
Click here to purchase your copy of Zippy’s Special Gift on Amazon.
To learn more about Therese’s work and Zebra’s mission, visit their website at
You can also learn more about Therese on the following social sites: